16 August 2016

East Sussex: Seven Sisters Country Park

Gigantic chalk cliffs that can crumble and drop in an instant.
The Cuckmere river that snakes and winds and meanders its way to the sea.
Sheep chewing, gulls cawing, waves crashing.
Cliff tops carpeted in a myriad of blooming wildflowers.
Water birds so well camouflaged that you scarcely notice them until they scurry down to the water’s edge to wash the mud from their next mouthful.
Wave-rounded pebbles of flint and chalk and limestone that scrunch with every foot fall.
Huge concrete bollards and hollow pillboxes that remind of war and grief and devastation.
Stunted trees that grow sidewise from the force of the prevailing winds.
A landscape so grand and a sky so wide that you feel humbled by the sheer majesty of the place ... 

This is the Seven Sisters Country Park. This is a little slice of heaven on earth!

To walk the landscapes of the Seven Sisters Country Park as they appeared in August 2014, click here, and to see some of the wildlife we discovered last week, follow this link

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