01 September 2015

A celebration of trees: August: pathways

‘The road goes ever on’ wrote that master storyteller, J. R. R. Tolkein, ‘And I must follow, if I can, / Pursuing it with eager feet.’

Tolkein might have been writing about me, particularly when that road, pathway or trail leads me through a stand, a grove, a forest of trees. I simply can’t resist. I find a deep sense of peace and harmony walking beneath the towering giants of an ancient woodland, a feeling of infinity and life everlasting, a sense of humility in the face of Nature’s miracles. I am also curious – hugely and overwhelmingly curious to discover where the path leads. It’s a child’s curiosity that has continued to beguile and enchant me throughout my life.

So, for this month’s celebration of trees I’m sharing some of the pathways that have enticed me to follow them through the trees in the four weeks that have passed since I came to live in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff. This is a city of wonderfully large public parks and bounteous green spaces so I’m sure I’ll find many more such paths to explore in the months to come.

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