06 April 2015

A visual celebration of Spring

I've always loved the Springtime but living through an English winter, with its short days, frequent cloud and colder temperatures, has made me appreciate Spring even more. This has been my Springtime so far ...

First, the crocuses started to bloom

Catkins on the Hazel trees

Snowdrops everywhere

More crocuses, and the bees started to appear

A bit of hanky panky at Budworth Mere

The hanky panky that resulted in this lovely sight must've been about 5 months ago

So cute, and growing fast

In gardens and along the roadsides, the daffodils started to bloom

Daffodils lining the lime walk at Great Budworth

More blossom, more bees

Bumblebee on daffodil - quintessential Spring!

The seven-spot ladybirds have emerged from their hibernation

Flowers about to burst open on an Ash tree

First butterfly in the garden, a Small Tortoiseshell

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