18 November 2014

Cheshire treats: Great Budworth

The little village of Great Budworth must be one of the most picturesque settlements I’ve ever seen.

I first visited when I was here in Cheshire in the summer of 2014. We walked down the street admiring and photographing the old houses, each one resembling a scene from a chocolate box, with an exuberance of colourful flowers creating gorgeous displays in hanging baskets and window boxes.

I often feel people neglect the impression a nice entranceway can make on visitors and passers-by. Not the folks of Great Budworth – they’ve nailed it. Their obvious pride in their village and their own homes is a pleasure to see and, even now, in mid-November, when the shorter days and cooler autumnal weather mean the summer flowers have gone, the doorways of Great Budworth are a visual delight.

Whether it's the intricate designs of the door hinges, a nice knocker, the warm red of the old bricks or the cute little outside lamps, there's something about each of these doorways that really appeals to me.

I took these photographs during an outing last weekend when, after mooching around the village for perhaps an hour, I walked the public footpaths that criss-cross farmers’ fields and circle Pickmere Lake back to Wincham. But that, as they say, is another story …

So, congratulations to the people of Great Budworth. I hope my readers also enjoy these doors and that they might inspire you to spruce up your own entranceway.