21 January 2018

A glimpse of Sherborne Abbey

After a wander along, and in and out of the wonderful variety of shops in the main street of Sherborne, we detoured along a side street for a look at Sherborne Abbey. It was late in the day and the building was due to close in just fifteen minutes’ time, but we were able to have a quick look.

I was immediately spellbound! My eyes were constantly drawn upwards to the incredible ceiling, with its superb fan vaulting that looks for all the world like gigantic stylised branching trees, and which, I was amazed to learn, had been built in the 15th century, completed around 1490.

I’ve since read that there are many other noteworthy features to be seen and admired so I simply must go back for another visit to the abbey when next I am in Dorset. In the meantime though, those ceilings ...

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