03 February 2015

A celebration of trees: January

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you will know that one of my photography projects this year is a celebration of trees.

I love trees! Not only are they beautiful to look at, trees provide food and shelter for humans and for wildlife; trees release oxygen and clean our air by absorbing greenhouse gases; trees help reduce flooding and water pollution, and stabilise ground at risk of erosion; and so much more.

To celebrate both the beauty and benefits of trees I intend posting a photo each day of a tree or trees. If you’re interested, you can see these photographs in my Picasa album here

30 January, after an overnight dump of snow. Magical!

I am also going to share my favourite trees in a monthly blog post – this is the first of those. For January, because we’re in the depths of winter, it seems appropriate to select a snowy tree scene, and this is one of the local trees I particularly cherish. Although there are large numbers of trees here in Cheshire, it’s actually quite difficult to find a solitary tree. I especially love where this tree sits in the landscape, in a field on higher ground above Pickmere Lake so, not only can you see the mere below, you also see a sliver of the lovely Cheshire countryside beyond.

22 January, cold and a little misty

As you can see from the series of photos here (taken since I arrived here at the beginning of November 2014), I return often to this tree, partly because it sits beside one of the walking circuits I most enjoy and partly to photograph it in the ever-changing weather conditions.

Life’s better with trees!

11 January, blue with the cold
3 January, a cold and windy day
25 December. I was walking off my Christmas dinner!
24 November, a lovely late autumn day and the tree still has some leaves

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