27 October 2014

Auckland, my Auckland

Thanks to the weather Gods holding off the heavy rain that was forecast for today, a holiday Monday here in New Zealand, I had a lovely long morning walk around some of my favourite haunts, etching them into my memory, saying goodbye … for now.

Tomorrow I fly away again – to Singapore to visit my cousin for a couple of nights, and then on to England, for an indefinite period. I enjoyed my five weeks in the UK earlier this year so much that I’ve decided to go back for more – more impressive stately homes, more cool castles, more long walks along the seemingly interminable footpaths, more cute squirrels … and hopefully some work to keep the wolves from the door!

During the eight weeks I’ve been back in Auckland this time, I’ve seen winter fade, the temperatures warm and spring blossoms burst out in all their gorgeous glory. I’ve caught up with my wonderful friends, enjoyed lots of long conversations over glasses of wine and delicious dinners, and seen many entertaining movies. I’ve loved being back in my wee apartment, with familiar things around me, snuggling up in my comfy bed, enjoying my amazing view over Auckland’s sparkling harbour.

I’ve particularly enjoyed walking my old familiar trails, up many of Auckland’s volcanic cones, around the harbourside and inner-city beaches, and circuiting the marinas full of million-dollar boats, strolling along bush tracks under leafy trees, communing with sheep and cows and purring cats, being serenaded by our melodious native birds and laughing at the antics of seagulls and swallows.

Auckland, you are one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I will miss you. Here are some of the reasons why …