12 September 2011

Urubamba market

Today I went on a road trip to Urubamba, a small town in the Sacred Valley. It doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions – it’s a place people pass through on their way to somewhere else, Machu Picchu in one direction, Pisac in the other – but it does have a large local market. So, today I thought we’d take a photographic tour through a typical market where Peruvians do most of their shopping.

The health food store, with some weird
and wonderful remedies
Carefully choosing tasty tomatoes

Every market has a shrine - I presume this is
the patron saint of good business!

Peruvians love their flowers

Shelling peas between customers

Luscious limes

This deep purple corn is used to make the drink chichamorada

The pumpkins here are huge -- and delicious

A happy fruit seller

One of the many potato sellers
Piles of perfect peppers

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