05 December 2010

Just 10 more sleeps!

Neat piles of clothes – mine and donations for the kids – surround me as I write this. It’s the only way I can get a good idea of how much I have to pack in how little space! Luckily, Singapore Airlines has agreed to allow me an extra 15kg for the things I’m taking for the children at Anjali House; otherwise, I’d have to pay a huge amount in excess baggage, or not take anything extra for them. I’ve still to buy an extra bag to tote that stuff in – hence the piles to help my brain calculate the space required!

There’s not much else left on my ‘To Do’ list. There are a few more things to buy: rehydration salts – very useful last year to give me some much needed energy after a long sweaty day’s sightseeing – and another tube of Bush Man’s heavy duty insect repellent – the Cambodian mosquitoes are fierce and I want to avoid malaria or dengue fever, if I can. Oh, and I’ve still to book the shuttle to the airport; take a couple of photocopies of the main page of my passport; print out my e-ticket and itinerary …

Just 1 more haircut, 1 more movie with Rosie, 1 more weekend, 9 more days’ teaching, 10 more sleeps!